Welcome to Sharefaith, the online giving platform for Spring Creek
Baptist Church. If you desire to give to our church, please follow the
instructions given in the links on the giving icon. Please know your gift is
appreciated and your receipt will soon follow. You may give a one-time
offering or set it up to repeat on the schedule you choose. The church
will receive a notification of your desires.
The specific church funds are available for you to donate to each week.
None of your information will be used for any other reason except the
donation. Any donation not specified will go into the General Fund of our
Please, if God leads you to give the fee amount for the gift so the church
receives the full amount of your donation, you can do that as well. The fee is usually 2%.
Thanks to all who use our giving platform and may God bless you for your gift.
 This is for all general fund giving.
This is for the Building fund giving.
This is for Regular Missions giving
This is for Faith Promise Missions fund giving.
This is to replace the parking lot lights. We are asking for 65 people to give $40.00 to pay for this.
For designated projects the church undertakes
This is the new sound equipment for the auditorium.

VBS Fund Giving

Money for VBS literature or supplies

Youth Fund Giving

Money for the Youth Fund